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Hello, and welcome to my site!

I am so happy to see you are taking the time to visit my website. This could be the beginning of a huge change for you.

Are you unhappy? Do you feel something is getting in your way? Do you want every day to be a good day? If you are looking for something to help you move forward so you can live a life of contentment, then you are definitely in the right place.

My name is Renee Murphy and I have found the most wonderful technique for energy healing. When I found The Emotion Code I had been searching a number of years to find relief. Some things worked a bit, some things did not work at all. I was frustrated. After reading The Emotion Code book, I knew I was onto something that could help me heal both physically and emotionally. I found a practitioner who helped me get out of my own way so I could use The Emotion Code effectively and I was off to the races, never to look back. I released energies to help me heal the scars, both physical and emotional, from surviving cancer. I used The Emotion Code to help my angry cat be a bit friendlier. I used it to help with sports, relationships, anything and everything. Soon after that I found the Body Code and I discovered I had the ability to help myself, my family and others. I now live a rewarding, fulfilling life where I feel I am living to my potential. I am living a life of total wellness through balanced living.

If you are looking for a change, and you want help attaining your heart’s desire I encourage you to keep looking at this website. See what I have to offer. Follow your heart and if it feels right, contact me. Together we can embark on the next step in your journey to wellness.